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Battle Angel Alita
" made your own luck. You kept your eyes open as things evolved, and at the right moment you acted. If you acted fast enough, that was good luck. If you worried over the possibilities until the moment had passed, that was bad luck..."
(Harry Harrison 'Deathworld 2')


Quotation of the day:

"But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life; and thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine."
-Thomas Jefferson

23rd of December

Added one poem and updated all pages. Look for up-to-date information.
Note for all Battle Ange Alita lovers: this site is not a fan-site. It is my homepage and I can do what I want here, and write what I want. I got my nickname in 1997, and it sounds as good to me as my real name.
So I am sorry if you didn't find any information you were looking for here. ;) Come back sometime... Maybe I will add links to my favorite Battle Angel Alita sites.
1st of December
The first day of winter.
And my birthday is finally here. Got some unexpected greetings. I didn't think that so many people remember me. Thank you people! :)
I received a greeting from one of my Russian friends. I liked it so much that I would like to put it here.
Life is chance
Life is beauty
Life is joy
Life is dream
Life is challenge
Life is duty
Life is way
Life is game
Life is road
Life is wealth
Life is love
Life is mistery
Life is promiseе
Life is pain
Life is song
Life is fight
Life is tragedy
Life is adventure
Life is life
Life is happiness
Use it
Admire it
Accept it
Make it true
Answer it
Do it
Walk along it
Play it
Value it
Save it
Enjoy it
Uncover it
Fulfill it
Overcome it
Sing it
Win it
Be ready for it
Experience it
Live it
Take it
Happy Birthday!!!!
15th of September
I fear for my friend from the US Air Force.
After 2 practices (in Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk) they let me to have some rest.
I am going to Germany. I am going to visit the Cathedral of Cologne, a party by CDV dedicated to the 'soon to be releazed' game Escape from Alcatraz (by PhilosLabs), and ski in Alpincenter .
Come back soon for the detailed report about my trip to Germany.
16th of June
New poems
Seems like in the end of every month the poem spirit comes to me.
New poems in 'Lyrics' section.
16th of April
New links
Was going to add some links to Battle Angel Alita sites, but only reorganised old ones and added some links concerned with Japan.
4th of March
New photos
New photos of Moscow and Koenigsberg can be found in 'Photos' section. All comments are in page titles.
4th of February
New section
I'm not sure if it was actually needed, as I write poems very seldom, but I've created new section 'Lyrics' for my first poem in English.
Hmm... enjoy :)
21st of January
List of news
1. Belated Happy New Year!
2. New link in 'Links' section.
24 of December
Merry Christmas!
My best wishes to those who visit my homesite.
To brighten this holiday, send a postcard to your friend. You can do it from

anytime and any day.
And I just added this link to my 'Links' section.
Thanks to OhMyGoodness team for their great postcards! I hope they don't mind me putting some of their pictures to my website. (As the one on my birthday, on the 1st of December.)
1 of December

Guess, whose is this pie? ;)

11th of November
New photos
You can fin some new photos from my trip to London.
Check 'Photos' section for pics from the Millenium Eye.
My birthday.
My favorite day of the year is approaching so fast... I wish I could have a chance to... (guess what) as a present.
10th of November
'About me' part of my page is now online. Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, you can find here.
If you can't find it, send me an e-mail :)

Thanks to Mikhail Novikov, who edited my writings.
13th of October
What a wonderful day
Nothing special had happend to me on this 'awful and scary' day (Friday the 13th). They had given me one interesting link. There you can find the music from old Russian movies and cartoons. Everything is in Russian there. But if you are looking for this music, nothing will stop you, right? :)
Duchas in Moscow Duchas. One very small photo...
The first performance of this Irish band in Russia took place in CHA (Central House of Artists). They were supported by Slua Si - Russian band, playing Irish and British songs.
The small hall of CHA was overcrowded. Duchas began their concert with special 'Moscow set'. People were singing and clapping. Seemed like they'd got everything they wanted. Or almost everything.
One man (the leader of 'Foggy Dew' band from Rostov) asked them to sing a song. I guess, a sad one. Sean Halpenny gave him a simple answer: 'We're not on a funeral!'
Next day Duchas visited Moscow Irish pub 'Silvers'. Half of them stayed there till 1 a.m. They were supported by Slua Si again.
Some more information about Duchas you can find here.
12th of September
I returned from London on the 8th of September and I spent a wonderful time there.
The main purpose of my trip to the United Kingdom was to visit the ECTS trade show. It took place from the 3rd till the 5th of September at Olympia in Kensington. I was told that there were less companies than last year's ECTS show, but it was my first visit to an international show for me, so I liked it anyway.
In the evening on the 2nd of September (the day we arrived in London) we attended the EA party. Electronic Arts were presenting their new office building about in Guildford, about 15 miles from London (I'm not sure about the distance anyway) - huge and brilliant offices, believe me. I saw a demonstration of Black & White (by Lionhead studios) for the first time there and the biggest surprise was to realize that everything that had been written in Lionhead Diaries by Steve Jackson was true. All that 'cool' stuff that Peter Molyneux had said would be there was there. None of the other games published by EA were as impressive as Black & White. I took some pictures of the new EA building and "Formula-1" cars and these will be up on the web site soon.
While at the show I met up with my English friend, Matt Taylor, and also went to the Sony ECTS party. At the party I had a big surprise... the most popular drink there was vodka & Red Bull! All of my Russian friends were amazed by this fact when I told them. To drink a lot of vodka & Red Bull is almost impossible :)
Jamiroquai played live at the Sony party, with guest star Ronnie Wood (from the Rolling Stones on a guitar. Pictures from the party will be on the site of Liquid Games soon.
On Tuesday my boss, an editor from our Game.EXE magazine, and I wondered along the streets of Central London... doing pretty much nothing.
Then we had to visit Elixir Studios on Wednesday. When we got there, neither Demis (Hassabis) nor Joe (McDonagh) were at the office, so we left. On the same day we visited the Millenium Dome. This huge building in East London was built as a celebration of the New Millenium and is only open for one year (again, pictures coming soon). However, I wasn't very impressed as there seemed like there was very little to do in the Dome. The Dome is huge, but it's nearly empty inside.
Later that day I did some more sight-seeing, visiting Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, and I saw the Houses of Parliament (including Big Ben), and some other places of interest. I also met up with Matt on that day and visited Leicester Square.
Next day I decided to get more from London's places of interest. I visited the Bitmap Brothers and met up with Matt again. We went to the Millenium Eye and they thanked us for "flying with British Airways" :) (Pictures from the Bitmap Brothers and the Millenium Eye coming soon). I bought some souvenirs for my friends in Leicester square... and that was my last evening in London - at least, my last evening this trip, not during my entire life.
The next day I bought a book that Matt recommended at the airport ('Mr.Nice' - the autobiography of Howard Marks) and it is very interesting indeed. Now I'm in Moscow... passing time until I can return to London.