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There's sometimes the time, when you need to hide your emotions from everyone. But you can't hide them from yourself.
When the time like this is in my life, I write poems.
I never thought I'd write them in English, but...
Here you go.

Invisible realm of shadows.

Why are we losing people?
Why are they always gone?
Where's that realm of shadows,
Where they always come.

Why is it so hard to love?
Why is the love so sad?
Where's that realm of shadows,
Where the love is great.

Why don't we trust our fate?
Why do we always fight?
Where's that realm of shadows,
Where we're met with delight.

Wonderful, loved and easy,
That realm where orders are strict.
And we always feel we're busy
Before the right way is picked.

27th of January 2001


I don't believe in destiny,
But still can't find my way.
You seemed to be so close to me,
But now you are away.

And everyone on Earth
Can call you name aloud.
And two can give you birth,
But noone can be proud.

One wrong word kills you fast,
Wrong smile, wrong emotion...
But as long as you last,
You seem to be an ocean...

23th of March 2001


Cold lightning
Stormy lights
It's raining.

Flowers of rainbow
Colours of rain
Sun's shining.

Smile of happiness
Heart is warmed
Love's in the air.

27th of March 2001

With all our heart...

Betrayed trust,
If there's a way to mend it.
The lie that hurts
Without a reason why.
We all need love,
And only way to gain it
Believe with all our heart
And don't be scared to die.

The truth we tell,
A moment we believe in
Forever lasts,
Or lives a minute time?
We all hate pain,
And only way for healing
Believe with all our heart
And never ask it why.

23th of April 2001


Like glares on waves
Your eyes are shining,
And high above skies
Your soul is flying.

You're happy and free,
And you're in love.
You're always with him,
And it isn't tough.

You'd never expected
This feeling to be.
You thought you'd be chained,
But still you're free.

26th of April 2001

Winter thoughts

You remember the sky?
Those sparkles in white.

You remember the way?
Rays of sun shining bright.

Tulips, flowers of Spring,
How you live through the cold?

Do you find what you need,
When you are getting old?

Strangers come passing by --
Do you know who they are?

I believe I can fly --
May I reach morning star?

3rd of December 2001