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About me

My name is Maria. I celebrate my birthday on December 1 and I love collecting presents on this amazing day. Presents can be very different, they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The main thing about those presents is that they are supposed to come with soul.
In the Fall of 1996, I made my first encounter with 'real' Internet. I'd read the book 'Internet for Dummies' right before that happened. :) (If you want to turn your friends into Internet-addicts, try to make them read this book.) I made my first connection using IE 2.0. Hey, it was running under Windows 3.11. Then I moved to Agmar-multimedia Internet-cafe where I spent almost half a year. I had to go to the opposite end of Moscow just to get into my favorite chat-room. Finally, I got my own computer at home. This was the end of me. Just kidding! Since then, I've been spending almost all of my spare time on the Internet. Luckily, all of my jobs have been related to Internet projects, too.
Apart from Internet, I study at Geology Department of Moscow State University (yes, I live and study in Moscow, capital of Russia). Apart from studies, I enjoy going out with my friends, reading books, and listening to music. I love skiing (only when there's snow around) and playing computer games till I fall asleep. Well, at the moment I enjoy playing an online RPG game 'The Realm'.
I read everything or almost everything that falls into my hands. Since May 1999, I primarily read Russian science fiction books. Sometimes I read books about real life. Among my favorites are Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre' (based on actual case) and Howard Marks' authobiography 'Mr.Nice'.
I've got some books from Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. There's enough for me to read now.
I've got yet another addiction. Every month I read 'Game.EXE' magazine... I open it and fall into the magical world of computer games. I've been translating Steve Jackson's Lionhead Development Diaries into Russian for Game.EXE. Now we've got another game coming soon... Republic: the Revolution.
I prefer the music that coincides with my mood. When I am in a mood I can listen to any sort of music (except for very hard rock perhaps. :)) I usually listen to the music at home and mostly in mp3s. When I am sad I listen to The Kelly Family or Gary Barlow. If you suffer from insomnia, Enya can sure help. But if I want to have some fun, I've got a complete soundtrack from 'There's Something about Mary' on my hard disk, some stuff from Propellerheads, and you name it.

And here you can look at me :)
Any questions? Send me e-mail.